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Had Zimmerman not followed and/or confronted Trayvon, nothing would have happened. Trayvon had not committed any crimes...

While I tend to agree with this statement as I think/hope we all can agree that TM would be alive if he hadn't exited the vehicle I have to ask the following not having been on the jury. I don't think this in and of itself proves GZ is a cold blooded killer or thoughts of violence necessarily - stupid in hinsight knowing how it ended up playing out, yes.

Do we honestly know beyond a reasonable doubt the reasoning behind him getting out of the car and the events after that transpired? I ask because there's claims that GZ may have gotten out of his vehicle to better establish a location and/or address to better communicate TM location to the 911 operator. Is it at all possible the juries verdict "he had good intentions" in trying to communicate to authorities where to find him even when he was to not to pursue?

A concerned citizen with a concealed gun got out of his car to better understand the location whereabouts is not plausible whatsoever - I'm not quite sure...

This is why the events that transpired leading to the confrontation/struggle after he exited the vehicle are so critical to the case in my opinion as I think we're making way too many assumptions/personal bias after he exited the vehicle as to GZ reasoning and rationale even if it wasn't the 'smart' thing to do for both parties at the time.

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