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Again.  God's highest priority is a relationship, conversation, fellowship with His children.

Conversation? Conversation is not the same as a monologue (which is what prayer is). Conversation is interactive, one party says something and the other party replies.

Even more, is that the best god can come up with for a conversation (having you beg for all the things you need and then shut you up because he is going to ignore all you asked for anyway)? ... pathetic.

I don't know if you have children, or have been around parents, but the human experience is much the same.  You don't give your kids all the candy they ask for, the rides they want to go on, or all your money.  You decide what is best for their long term. 

Ooo... Don't go there pretending to know what the deal is with having children, unless YOU yourself have children of your own. I do have 3 children, and I have meaningful conversations with them. When they ask me for something that I don't think will be good for them, I explain to them why I'm not giving them what they asked for. Conversely, if there's something I know they NEED, I do NOT make them ask for it so that I can then give it to them. Forcing them to ask in that type of situations would not only be a waste of time, it's also cruel, especially if what they are asking for is, for example, help to take them away from a dangerous situation. What kind of sadistic parent do you have to be to make them go through that kind of unnecessary suffering?

"Material stuff" or doing what they want is NOT a top priority.  Your relationship / time is the top priority. God did those things as part of our conversation.

As I said before, 'conversation' is probably one of the worst analogies for prayer.
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