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...While in college i entered that phase many of you probably know where you begin to openly challenge God. It begins in jest at first: snide remarks about prayer, faith, Christians, anything i felt might get me in trouble with his royal highness.
Slowly however it got more serious. I went on this sort of crazed power-rush with it and in time my life had turned into this barefaced moral disregard for God...

From this I deduce that you're a christian who cannot really grasp what atheism actually is and has confused his adolescent/early adult experience of rebelling against his theistic upbringing with actual atheism.

Atheist don't openly challenge god any more than they openly challenge the tooth fairy. There isn't a 'royal highness' to get into trouble with and god has as much to do with morality as a bag of M&Ms. I don't know of any atheist who gets a crazed power rush from their atheism as if they were suddenly in a moral vacuum.

An atheist simply doesn't believe in god(s). Usually the reason for not believing is that there is no evidence for the existence of god(s). Some atheists go further and say that, as well as there being no evidence, god(s) are a logical impossibility. Atheists are not simply people who are in 'rebellion' against any specific deity, they just don't believe they exist.

The language used in your post suggests to me that you were simply using the 'atheist' label as a way of justifying rebellion against a god you still believed in.
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