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You presuppose that only religion provides a moral framework and that if we kick it out there would be a moral vacuum in which anarchy would prevail.

In fact morality does not come from religion and this is easily demostrable if you consider whether morality is objective or subjective.

When you realise that morality is clearly subjective then it becomes obvious that it is not and cannot be the unchanging word of a deity. Disgusting as they are, fundamentalist loons like the Phelps family actually understand that to admit to a subjective morality means that their deity either doesn't exist or doesn't care. The more wishy-washy christian sects don't actually get this crucial point and tie themselves into ever more complex nonsense as they try to create a system in which the "unchanging word of god" becomes entirely subjective and therefore as unchanging as the clouds.

As to meaning in your life; yes the universe is entirely indifferent to your existence and it can be depressing to think that on that scale you are utterly insignificant. However, look inwards to your own existence, endeavours, loves, hates and experiences and the scale changes and you realise that the vastness of the universe is insignificant to the one unique quality you have; life.
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