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ummmmm, yes, confirmation bias - when people filter out useful facts and opinions that don’t coincide with their preconceived notions... kinda like when xyzzy stated that, just recently... in the past few decades, society has moved away from the notion that women are inherently inferior to men.  and i show her how jesus did in fact treat women equal to men, thus refuting her claim that society has just recently moved away from that notion... but of course xyzzy already knew that, she just filtered it out because it didn't coincide with her preconceived notion...

How does it refute her claim? Are you saying that Roman Palestine was somehow rendered gender-equal by Christian teachings about 2000 years ago? A few local rabble-rousers espousing such concepts clearly didn't have much if any effect at the time.

With few exceptions, patriarchial social views prevailed until the last few hundred years of human history. Yes, there have historically been exceptions and if some early Christians did in fact have a more egalitarian view they would be included. But widespread acceptance and practice of such ideas has only happened recently.
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