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You all have a lot to learn about Christianity.

Actually in all likelihood, you have more to learn about Christianity and its variations than most atheists. Most regulars on this site have a pretty good grasp of Christian theology and scripture, many having been some flavor of Christian (myself included) before losing our faith. Yet in my experience, very few believers really understand how divided and varied their supposedly unchanging, self-evident religion actually is.

They live in their little self-contained bubbles, telling themselves that their particular sect is of course correct; at the same time wanting to pretend the differences between them and the Catholics and the Lutherans and the Universalists and the Methodists and the Mormons aren't really significant and that Christianity is really one big, all-inclusive tent for those who really and truly follow Jesus. But if that were true, where did all these sects come from and why are they still separate?

Pastor Fisk's video here can help you, I hope you take the time to watch it and respond to him if you have questions.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpyzJUF2R9Q&feature=youtu.be

Take care!

As Zankuu notes, Pastor Fisk gets some pretty basic things about atheism wrong within the first minute of the video. If he doesn't know or care enough to understand the difference between religious faith and its absence , why should I bother with the rest?
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