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So does it occur to you that maybe modern day mankind, due to it's dependence on medical science, has lost faith in God, and therefore can't receive healing?   Or maybe it is because of people like you, who are doing your best to destroy people's faith.

Laughable. Oh yes, that horrible dependence. I may have misunderstood you. Did you really intend to make it sound like a bad thing? That science has in just a few generations wiped out smallpox, drastically reduced the death toll of other routine killers like polio, doubled the average human lifespan and risen to meet new challenges like AIDS... while there is yet to be a single unambiguous healing by prayer alone?

I'll take that success-in-action over any amount of prayer, thanks.

And atheism, despite its recent heightened visibility, is far more a symptom than a cause of the decline of religious faith. That decline has been going on for generations. It has more to do with the rise of education and the general standard of living worldwide than anything else.

Your alternative (disbelief in God) offers NOTHING to mankind.  It offers no hope.   Why should anyone accept that?
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Correct, atheism offers no hope. But then, it has never made any claim to do so.

Religion does make such claims, and consistently fails to back them up with evidence. Not for an eternal paradise for the righteous or eternal torture for the damned, not for unambiguously answered prayers, not for the existence of a benevolent creator.

If you want hope, look to human effort. Human ingenuity. Human compassion. Human love. Human, human, human: all the way from birth to death, with no one but each other to lean on as we go.
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