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Hello.  Sorry for just butting in but according to the forum rules, i have to post a few meaningful posts before I can start a topic. It also appears that this rule also includes the Introductions, which is a bit ironic.  But about this topic.......and what I used as a quote,    As a Christian I also find this disturbing.  The origins of that faith contains some very interesting facts.  I don't understand why that individual would not care about how Christianity got so widespread.  Most Christians would deduce that it was divine Providence.  I have a friend who is quite similar in his belief. I tried to explain to him about the origins of the Bible,  and he didn't want to hear it.   I found it a but disturbing to tell the truth.  A person can still have their faith and enjoy learning about the history about it as well.

Welcome to the forum, WakingDeath. No worries about "butting in"; your post is on-topic and newcomers are allowed a bit of leeway, generally speaking.
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