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Good question, but why would God heal them?  I am a military man and have friends who are amputees; and the last person they blame is God.  Further, they don't expect him to heal them either; they do pray though.

It sounds like your amputee friends have already realized that the god they believe in does not perform unambiguous healing "miracles"; I'm sure they have rationalizations why that contradicts how prayer is described in Biblical scripture. That many believers find comfort in prayer nontheless is undeniable.

Their prayer gives them hope and I have seen success from it.  Call it what you want, but they usually are productive with prayer.  You wish to take this away?

Your post is rife with contradictions. For one, if god (I assume you're talking about the Abrahamic variety) really exists, then he isn't very powerful if just disbelief can remove the positive results of prayer. That sounds to me like whoever is praying is already aware of its inefficacy, but can't quite let go of their security blanket.

God doesn't make war, we do.  There is good and evil and for any person that has been around and seen the world knows this.  We are left to our own here on our small planet.  God doesn't interfere with that nor should he.

But if the god you're talking about is responsible for creating the entire universe, then he absolutely is responsible for making war, disease, parasites that infest children's eyes, and my cat's mange. The originator of freaking everything does not get to pass the buck.

If he's answering your friends' prayers, then he hasn't left us to our own. Which is it?

And the Christian god at least has absolutely no problem interfering in war, if the Bible is to be believed: he drowns Pharoh's army in the Exodus and goes on to give the Israelites victory over their enemies in Canaan.

God is built into us and you think you take this away like it was a habit of sorts, like smoking.

Not a bad comparison. It can be an addictive and unhealthy behavior for some. 

I'm sorry, but a sense of God is in us all, even you.  You know this, but block it out with what you call rationale.

Your apology is insincere, as you immediately judge the atheists on this forum after the comma. You most likely don't know us and have no idea of what contributed to our atheism. You're welcome to stick around, engage with us and find out, however. Though it would be nice if you apologized for assuming you can read our minds.

I'm not even sure why I'm writing this because I considered myself a nonbeliever, but your site may have converted be to a believer.   Thanks.....

Since you presumed to read our minds, I'll do the same: it sounds more like you're a believer who just hadn't examined their faith in any great detail. The questions this site asks make you doubt that faith and it's easier to criticize the former than the latter.

Seriously, join the forum and engage with us. Whether you question your faith or not, you're likely to learn something. I'm an atheist and I learn useful things from the believers as well as the other nonbelievers here.
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