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You've been overexposed to a vacuum for so long that thoughts seem like they are alive.
If life could develop on it's own it would be common place on earth and would have a law of nature to support it.
It might read like any Frankenstein story: " Take organic material, warm it, add light, life forms".
Not that advanced of course, but there would at least be ONE observation that would lead to life.

A creationist parody that doesn't resemble biology as we know it. The first replicating molecules and their immediate percusors were absurdly simple by the standards of life now, billions of years later. Even if abiogenesis could recur in the modern era outside a lab, the results would be immediately metabolized by single-celled organisms.

And because it's so hard to really get things going....we've proven....then you should have millions of such
theories ad experiments going at all times.   But we exist in a pure vacuum of facts and just the thought of water
makes scientific grown men tinckle in their pants about the possibility of life.





But it's not reasonable that we spend time and energy we don't have on the effort.
We don't have a million years just to find a worm on another planet.

Thanks for the links. Sure, the possibility of even single-celled life elsewhere in the solar system is exciting. And aside from confirmation that life existed elsewhere, actually studying such life would definitely be valuable: comparing an independent evolutionary lineage to ours would give profound insight into biology and the life sciences in general.

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