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If we really wanted to help the Middle East, I mean REALY wanted to HELP, then we should send engineers with schematics and lesson plans instead of soldiers with bullets and planes with bombs.

GE could make a shit ton of money helping them build an infrastructure to provide electricity and training people in the trade. It couldn't possibly cost more than what we spend dicking around with the insurgents.

The "people" would have access to jobs and the convenience of electricity and all the glorious perks that come with it...like the ability to process clean water, improved agriculture, jobs and less stress overall. Let them keep their religion. Let them keep their oil. Let them keep their culture. Just find a way to bring them into the 21st century without imposing our philosophy on them.

But no, the war machine must be lubed daily with the blood of poor people otherwise some cute little rich girl wont get that new pony for Christmas if Daddy Warbucks can't sell his missiles.
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