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As a society we're so completely stupid on this issue it isn't even funny.
What always gets me is that it's apparent that the problem isn't really contraception, or for that matter abortion; but parental control.

I don't really see any kind of rational solution in the near, or distant future.

Parental control is a big issue when it comes to public education. Poor people don't have many options when it comes to educating their children. For example, I don't make enough money to pay for a private school and even if we (my wife and I) had enough time to homeschool we understand and recognize our limitations. So we send them to the public school nearest to us and try to help augment their education as much as possible at home.

We are concerned about their future, welfare, health and overall experience in life. We try our best to raise them with our values and teach them to make good choices.

Just because we are poor doesn't mean we don't care about how they are being raised in the school system.

This past Friday our oldest daughter woke up with a headache. My wife told her teacher about the headache and asked her to keep an eye on her and that if it got worse to call her. My wife just started working in an after school program at the school and goes in at 2:30 till 6:00. I work now from 8:30 till 4 or 5:30 depending on the work load each day.

I get a call from my wife at 3:00 telling me that Em still had the headache but now also had a fever. The teacher never sent her to the nurse. She simply told our daughter that there was nothing wrong with her and that she could make it. However, now it is too late in the game for my wife to find someone to take her place because they are understaffed to begin with and the after school program does not allow children with fever's to be present. So I have to leave work to come pick her up.

This teacher is going to get a talking to on Monday. She took it upon herself, without any medical background, to determine that my child was essentially faking feeling bad to get out of school. How much trouble would it have been for her to send my daughter to the school nurse to let her determine whether we needed to come pick her up?

We assumed everything was okay and the headache went away because no one ever called us.

What does this have to do with parental control? Well, we had no control because the teacher took it upon herself to make a determination as to our child's condition.

All we could do was scramble to react at the last minute. It left my co-worker in a jam and I can only hope that it doesn't reflect negatively on me since this was my first week at my new job.

The teacher took it upon herself to decide for us without giving it a second thought about how her decision would effect us.

Now, like I said previously...I would be disappointed in my daughter for having unprotected sex. Hopefully our daughter's trust in us will still be strong enough to where she can approach us with such heavy concerns as possibly being pregnant. In our situation both me and my wife oppose the idea of abortion for convenience. We would work with our daughter to make a choice and explain reassure her that we would help raise the baby if she chose to keep it but if she did not want to go through with the pregnancy then we would take her to a clinic to let PROFESSIONALS handle the situation and determine the best coarse of action to terminate the pregnancy. I think it is foolish and extremely dangerous to let a school nurse make those kinds of decisions. I don't like the idea of being left out of the loop when it comes to headaches and fevers. I absolutely hate the idea of being left out of the loop when it comes to this.

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