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So here we have a situation where Alexa Gonzalez can now be administered, basically what amounts to, an "abortion pill" without her parents even knowing about it when just a couple of years ago she was arrested and put into handcuffs for writing on her desk.

Kinda sends a mixed signal to the kids, me thinks.

Well, it does and it doesn't.  The big difference is that if a fourteen-year-old girls gets caught writing on her desk and has the incident reported to her parents, the odds of her parents beating the crap out of her are slim.  (Not zero, perhaps, but slim.)  That can be a very real risk for a girl the same age who gets pregnant.

Yeah, I know...protect the living, fuck the unborn. But listen, that is not my primary concern. The Zero Tolerance program is absolutely horrible.

Before that program was implemented writing on the desk would garner you some face time with the principle, a penalty or staying after school to clean desks. Maybe the parent would be notified, maybe not. Now they can flippen arrest your child put them in handcuffs and cart them away for processing and who knows how much all that costs...you don't think there are very many parents who would be furious about that?

I would be disappointed in my child for defacing government property but I would be absolutely livid with rage at the school system if they did this to my child.

If I ever found out that the school system gave my teenage daughter a pill which was not designed for developing young teens and has potentially life threatening side effects. I would be disappointed with my daughter for having unprotected sex but I would create a hit list of the school officials who administered such a drug to my child.

This is not an issue that can be covered with a blanket. One size does not fit all but here is an anecdote for you.

My wife had a friend who had two or three abortions in Jr. High and a couple more in high school before she dropped out to raise her 5th or 6th child her parents refused to kill abort.  As Obama would say...her parents punished her with a child.

Flash forward to today and imagine that scenario. The girls parents would never know how many times their daughter was engaging in unprotected sex.

A parent who opts in[1] to this program or doesn't even realize that there is a program effectively tells their daughter that they don't want to be involved in one of the most important life changing decisions a child can make on their quest towards becoming an adult, especially when those same kids can be expelled for giving aspirin to their friends or drawing a picture of a gun.

There is no real measure of protection for kids from abusive parents, true. But that does not mean that the government should be able to take responsibility over my child's reproductive rights. By taking responsibility I mean it in a legal sense because we are talking worst case scenarios now.

If a school nurse administers Plan B to a 14 year old girl who is nervous because she had unprotected sex and that girl develops a potentially life threatening side effect such as an Ectopic pregnancy...no matter how rare that may be, if it does happen and the child dies due to complications from that pregnancy because they are too afraid or to naive to realize what's happening to their bodies to tell anybody...is the school going to take responsibility if that child dies?

Yeah, a girl could have the crap beat out of her by her parents if they find out she was having unprotected sex and got pregnant. But I would like to see your data on that because my perception is not as severe as yours about that issue.   

That is to say, I don't think that happens often enough to provide a counter balance for the potential health risks involved with giving teenagers a powerful hormone drug.

Sorry, my brain is like a bag full of cats tonight. This whole thing just smacks of hypocrisy. There is more I want to touch on but I am out of time.

 1. Opting in by not explicitly opting out is an extremely dubious business practice
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