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So. Cloture was the old method of dealing with filibusters and it was changed once to reduce the number of votes necessary to kill a filibuster...to make it easier. Currently the Democrat majority does not have 60 (D)'s listed among them so they just decide to change the rules to their favor by voting to eliminate the filibuster all together.

Kinda like the abusive husband saying "SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO?!?" after he hits his wife for arguing with him.

Well, this turn of events is great for the next year or so because it helps streamline the process of filling cabinet appointments in the executive branch and filling bench seats in the judiciary. It is also great for the Democrat party as long as they maintain the majority in the senate.

It's a temporary fix for a temporary problem. However, it's a potential long term problem which may eventually need to be fixed.

The Democrats may reverse this fix if they find themselves voted out of the majority in 2014 before the next session begins in 2015. I very highly doubt that they will let this provision stand in the event that they lose the majority. They will want to keep the filibuster for themselves if they are elected out of power.

Either way, however things turn out ... if it's "bad" then it's all the Republican's fault for bringing it on themselves. That is the most important thing to remember. The Republicans are the bitching wife who needs to be smacked around from time to time to remind her of her place. She is to be seen but not heard in important decision making matters. Her role is to stand behind her man and present the appearance of solidarity and unity. She may voice her concerns privately, behind closed doors but if she opens her mouth in public....there will be hell to pay.

If you think that that is a good system of government then I must admit that I don't understand the practical benefit. It doesn't make any sense to allow whoever happens to be in the majority to make up the rules as they go along.

If you prefer a more lighthearted analogy...Our politicians are playing Calvinball.

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