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Why would I want to move a mountain?  Seems like a waste of time and someone is going to be pissed to wake up and find a mountain on top of them.

Ya'll didn't know this about me but I have faith the size of a watermelon seed. There is a plan, and it is MY faith that everything is unfolding according to this plan.[1] My faith nullifies everyone else's faux faith...or even real faith, if theirs is only the size of a mustard seed.

To put it more succinctly if one person's faith can move a mountain, then another persons faith can keep that mountain in it's place if they don't want to see it moved.

It all depends on who's faith is stronger.

 1. Do not ask me about this plan. I do not know the details and have no proof of it's existence but I have faith in it.
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