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Don't get me wrong I am just as deserving of hell as you guys.

But that's not really true, is it?  Perhaps you're a generally very good person, who gets along with others and donates of his wealth and time in charitable works.  On the other hand, there are people who spend their lives making others miserable and generally being quite foul and unkind.  Are you just as deserving of hell as that person?  Now, if you accept the salvation of Christ, you get a reward that is far beyond what you deserve, is that not correct?

So realistically, where do you fit in?  The god of justice is either going to give you a punishment that is unfathomably more severe than you deserve, or a reward that is incalculably more wonderful than you deserve.  Is there no in-between?

You see, if god offers us a choice between a spectacularly wonderful reward and just plain death (ie, non-existence forever) then I'm not so perturbed by his admittedly bizarre decision to hide himself from us.  Because then my lot in life would have been a pretty enjoyable existence followed by nothing, and that's not bad at all, IMO.

On the other hand, if the choice is between that unimaginably wonderful reward and an equally unimaginably terrible punishment, then his disappearing act is not befuddling-- it is unacceptable.  God cannot make that kind of offer/threat without plainly revealing himself and making the consequences of belief/unbelief perfectly clear.  He owes it to me to reveal himself.  None of this "ask/seek/knock" or "long and narrow road" garbage.  If he threatens to torment me forever then he'd damned well better show his face and reveal his plans.  Otherwise he is a sick and sadistic bastard who ALWAYS intended to watch people suffer forever.  You want to worship that?  You can have it.
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