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Perhaps interpretation isn't quite the right word to use when it comes to understanding the intent of a biblical passage, because I do not agree that biblical passages are subject only to an "eye of the beholder" process. Passages are examined using historical, geographical and cultural context. Some passages even blind Freddy can see are figurative, some passages even blind Freddy can see are meant to be taken literally, but some passages are not so clear and require a lot of careful study.

A problem, you say? Not to me. But I believe God exists.

The thing is, people have been carefully studying those texts for centuries.  As far as I can tell, the amount of the Bible that even most sides can agree are figurative or literal is very small, while the parts that are "not so clear" are almost all of it.  How many more centuries of careful study are required before men can benefit from the holy word of the kindly, loving, caring god who wants only the best for all mankind?
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