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i don't know what to do with someone that is so blind and refuses to accept anything else...
That depends on how deep the core beliefs are embedded in his subconscious.  Some people will come around, some will not.  I was probably as bad as your friend when I was young and a devout believer.  I would simply not entertain any ideas that did not fit into my core beliefs.  Anything that threatened that, I would find a way to rationalize away.  And keep in mind, for a Christian there is always the ultimate cop-out: Satan is trying to confuse you, and you are better off ignoring anything that might cause you to doubt.  Our minds are designed to protect and even reinforce illogical ideas (phobias being a good example) and it's not easy to let go of things that do not make sense when considered in a critical light.

What you do about it depends on how tight you think he is clinging to his delusion, and how important your friendship is.  One thing you can do is wait until he brings up the topic, and present your views as just that-- not why his view is wrong, but why you believe what you do.  Putting the focus on you might make him less defensive and more willing to consider ideas that he would otherwise shut out.

I think the key is to get the person to wonder, on some level, why he treats religion so differently.  Every other thing in his life is considered with a mixture of logic and reason and emotion.  When it comes to religion, most people exclude the first two and only use emotion.  Once you open the door to logic and reason, even just a crack, it begins to wear away at the religious beliefs.  If it works, he'll be thanking you for a very long time.
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