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The writer (Kimberly Knight) has an interesting bio at the end of the blog post she wrote.  She's definitely not your typical Christian.

The real payoff, IMO, is the reply posted this morning.  Apparently, the Twilight Zone opens early:

Quote from: Stuart Schopf
God did not need a blood sacrifice, Satan did. What ever happened between Satan and God is the reason Jesus had to do what He did. Satan thought he was as important as God because Satan had the keys to eternity. When he was cast out he took the keys with him. The only way to get them back was for God Himself to become human, die a sinners death, and then go to Satan and get the keys back. Satan saw Jesus as the most sinful man ever. This allowed Jesus to just walk right up to Satan and claim the keys to the kingdom for eternity.

God did not want blood, Satan did, and he got it in the form of Jesus because Jesus was willing to die for you and I.

So there you have it.  Satan, the miserable little shitheel, stole the keys to eternity, and god had to go on an adventure worthy of Tolkien's hobbits in order to get them back.  Apparently, one does not simply walk into Satan's luxury apartment on Fifth Avenue.  There are protocols.
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