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I'm reading through it.  The writer seems to be claiming that "modern science" is the "creation" of the Catholic Church, or that the Church made the development of "modern science" possible.  He uses the argument that "technological advancement isn't science" to dismiss any scientific and technological progress that comes before what he refers to as "modern science," which he defines as "The systematized collection of knowledge about nature through using only reason and sense experience in order to discover the underlying laws of nature, which explain how nature is organized and allow future accurate predictions about nature's processes or objects to be made."

It seems as if he has come up with a crude definition that meets the needs of the claim he makes in his subject, while flatly dismissing anything that might undermine his claim.

Not that it matters.  If Christianity developed modern science and nurtured it through its growing stages, that's great.  It kinda sucks for them that their own creation turned out to undermine everything they built before then, but that's how it is with this "truth and understanding" stuff.
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