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I watched.  What occurred to me was that we might have to apply some understanding when dealing with believers.  They have not cooked up the notion of god for themselves, nor is stupidity (initially) a factor.  When a believer has a spiritual experience, the video shows that they are actually having an experience.  This, to them, is profound evidence.  We may get nowhere trying to devalue that experience.  They are (for the most part, if one is to be charitable) telling the truth, or in any case, not 'lying'. when they cite those experiences as a foundation for their beliefs.

The question left unanswered by the video, and is now presented to us, is how do we break through (what appears to be nearly everyone's) natural, human inclination to believe?  How can we effectively argue against the existence of god when people are hard-wired to perceive him?  I don't, as yet, have any answer to offer.

An answer might lie in that we have other hard-wired inclinations; to rut, to fight, to flee and so forth, yet we bring modifying concepts to bear to control those natural responses.
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