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First, some background and full-disclosure:
In my younger years, before I applied my ethics to history  I favored small militaristic advanced nations against larger, less focused ones. Modern Civilization vs the Rabble
     I favored Prussia rather than Austria in the question of German statehood, knowing full well where the Prussian victory would lead. To this day, I sometimes think 'Danzig' or 'East Prussia'
     I favored the Zulu over their neighbors despite the eventual cozying the Zulus did with the colonials.
     I favored the American transplants in Liberia over the native people in the region despite the inequities perpetrated by the transplanted Liberians. 
     I favored Japan over China re the Sino-Japanese war, despite the horrendous treatment of the Chinese people.  I've had to get over the habit of referring to Formosa and Manchuko
As you might imagine, WWII impaled me on a few ethical dilemma

When I became a xian, I favored Christians over Muslims (their principal adversary for hundreds of years)  My sympathies could be found with the Phalange, the Knights of Malta, the Crusaders, the Copts, and on and on.

I also favored Israel over the Arabs.  They satisfied two of the above criteria:  Small progressive militaristic nation ordained by The Lord and promised their land, which would, by the way, bring about the Second Coming of Christ.  Being raised as a jew certainly contributed to my sympathies as well

Now that I'm older, and willing to reconcile my view of history with my ethics, allowing my humanity to be the guiding force in determining what is good and what is not, and have shed every vestige of bible and other forms of theism, I see things differently, especially regarding Israel.

I am four-square against theism and any attempt at theocracy.  I am against ethnic cleansing of all kinds.  I am against the oppression of less-well armed people (the 'rabble' I mentioned above).  I am against the displacement of people.  Since my sympathies are no longer guided by my former preferences, I am no longer a friend of Israel.

However, Israel is presented with, and indeed, presents the world with a difficult problem.  It is a theocracy, but one which is not intent on spreading it's religion beyond its own people, which makes it theoretically less objectionable.  However, the impact of their theocracy has oppressive and discriminatory impact on those (arabs) who reside within its borders.  As long as there are people of other faiths, there should be no discrimination based on faith.  The Two State solution would be ideal, but Israel is being disingenuous at best.  They are settling jews on lands that should be part of an Arab state, making the Arab state in the West Bank untenable.  At the same time they are squeezing both the West Bank and Gaza, keeping those potential states in a constant state of duress. 

What they are seemingly blind to is this:  The only solution to the Israel Palestine situation is the viability of a secular, progressive, well-fed and well funded Palestine.  If Israel persists in the insidious state sponsored oppression of the people and a continual effort to undermine the emergence of a viable Palestinian state, things will only get worse.  Either the Palestinians will opt for their own theocracies since the paths to a modern first world status will be blocked, Israel will be forced by the world into a one-state solution in which the jews lose all power, and a theocratic state will rise in reprisal to the years of oppression, or Israel will be annihilated, and perhaps in the process, trigger a world war.   
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