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I call that kind "hothouse flowers for Jesus". The first time they encounter those who call their True Faith into question they either run away or lapse into decidedly un-Christlike behavior. Not saying that the OP is that sort, just that I've seen a lot of 'em, especially in the MailBag.

This happens to anyone who has an unquestioned belief in anything.  The first time they are confronted and asked to substantiate their belief, they will be shocked and indignant.  It's happened to me a few times in my life with matters not concerning religion, and it's as though someone hit me in the face with a cold fish.  I've learned that when I have that reaction, I need to do some serious (re)investigation of whatever my assertion was.  I have learned that I am, in those cases, almost always wrong.

I just wish the fundies who came here, and are subsequently challenged by our members, would do the same... at least TRY to do the same.

(It may be helpful if one does NOT believe that one has all of the answers.  Then one looks for opportunities to become better educated and more enlightened.)
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