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I agree with you Bereft_of_Faith ; what's scary is that they may actually succeed. While I doubt we're going to allow slaves, beating jews, or women. They still have enough power to take away our other civil liberties.

They can win all the battles they want. We will win the war. Ostracizing minorities has cost them an entire generation that will then educate its offspring to respect liberty and such. In the end, they cannot win.
When one looks at history in terms of centuries rather than decades, one can clearly see a shift to liberalism.  Institutional slavery is gone.  Women's rise from chattel status continues.  The ideals of liberty and equality have shone their light on the shadow of divine right.  Science continues to triumph over superstition.  Dissemination of knowledge continues at what may be an exponential rate.  In other words, I agree with you and, should our civilization be fortunate enough to continue, brighter days may yet be ahead.

However, what scares me, as an American, is that my country, which has played a significant part in that progressive trend, may be becoming so reactionary that its place among the great nations of the world, that is, the ones leading us onward, will be jeopardized. 

I have always been proud to be an American.  Not because we kicked ass, or had a flag with stripes on, or we landed on the moon.  I was proud because it seemed that we took seriously, those advancements listed above.  We were not perfect, and sometimes took a while to come to the right decisions, but in the end, we'd always be on the right side of history.  We made mistakes, grave mistakes, but we always worked it out.  America, a rather young nation, founded almost whole cloth from the enlightenment, could stand proudly with the Mother of Parliaments or the ideals of the French revolution.

Those in America who wish to pull us back, are pulling us back to a time we have already rejected.  With every successive generation, we leave racism, sexism, and religious rancor further behind.  But now, the enemies of all that we have stood for, all that we have striven to achieve have regrouped and redoubled their efforts.  Will they ultimately fail, as you imply?  I sure hope so.
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