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Is that your conscience talking? Or your subconscious? Or you, just typing words to see if they feel right? Are you satisfied with your answer?

I'm extremely satisfied with the answer that Wheels gave, because the problem-solving ability of the unconscious mind is truly amazing.  I use it Myself regularly, and so can anyone else.

This is how you do it:  Think about a problem you want to solve, or a goal you want to accomplish, and represent it to yourself in straightforward, positive language.  In fact, it helps if you write some preliminary notes, then rewrite them to remove all negatives.  (For example, write "eat healthy food" rather than "don't eat junk food.") The more sensory details (colour, size, texture, sound, smell, taste), the better.

Read it to yourself, and mean it.  This works especially well if you're passionate about your goal.

Now, put away your notes and go off and do something else. Your mind now has standing orders to notify you if it sees the thing you want, or something that might lead to what you want.  Essentially what you've done is turned confirmation bias to your advantage by harnessing and directing the brain's pattern recognition power.
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