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You will be judged by us. Then, you, along with all other unbelievers will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Thats a day I look forward to.

Let Me get this straight, SoG:  You look forward to people being burned?   :o

Very well, then... I hereby judge you.

I declare you to be a sadistic, self-righteous individual pretending to be in the good graces of a super-powerful being.  You insult its existence, if any, by pretending that it would consider you to be even one iota better than the people whom you would abandon to a horrible fate.

I declare you to be unworthy of any position of responsibility on this Earth on account of your vicious-mindedness.  May any career you now possess be reduced to asking people "Would you like fries with that?"

And I declare anathema the faith that made you into such a heartless bastard.  From this moment until the sun consumes the Earth, not one member of your church shall see the face of your god.[1]

(Springy G raises Her sword Astrejureldingbl├│t and swings it in a wide arc, causing lightning to crackle off the blade)  By My authority as Queen of Earth, make it so.

And yes, I do have the authority to do this -- Tiamat's vacationing in Pango-Pango and told Me to take the com till after the equinox. ;D
 1. Who probably never existed in the first place, but what the hey.
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