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Kindly explain how Intelligent Design Theory in the classroom would interfere with a study of the ToE.

How does ID interfere with the teaching of the ToE?

For one thing, it's a religiously-motivated hypothesis demanding equal weight with a theory that has proven its value in the real world.  It teaches students the myth that wishful thinking and "what-if" scenarios are equal to cold, hard facts, and that they can choose one or the other with no hard consequences.

It muddies the waters.  It's analogous to saying "2+2=4, but in an alternate universe 2+2 might equal 5, or 6, or watermelons."

ID also cannot be considered a scientific theory until it starts to make accurate predictions based on known facts.  If it can't do that, why teach it at all?

A teacher's attitude towards the subject can strongly influence which viewpoint the student ultimately accepts.  Unless there is constant monitoring in the classroom, or a non-believing student complains, there's nothing to stop a teacher from waxing poetic that there must be a designer (because pussycats and flowers and lah-dee-dah), and "Oh, I have to teach you this evolution crap too but we'll just do that till recess."

Finally, this whole debate is apples-and-oranges.  Intelligent Design is all about origins, whereas evolution is about how existing organisms change over time.  ID is in the wrong science course from the start -- It should really be in a graduate-level Biochemistry unit on abiogenesis, where it would get the respect it truly deserves.  ;)
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