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As for Hell call your crime treason against The king of Kings.

Well, *I* didn't vote for 'im!

As for Heaven, God is there, and Millions of bible thumpin' Jesus freaks. Nothing to do but worship, sing praise, and give Glory to our God for eternity. I ask you is it a place you want to be anyway?

Heck, no!  I'd rather be brewing mead in Valhalla, or wandering the universe learning new musical instruments on various planets and jamming with the locals.

Or petting pussycats.  (nods to Bastet)

Maybe there in is the Justice. Don't reject the king and then get mad cause you can't live in His kingdom.

I'm not mad about not living in Heaven.  I'm furious about the only other option that Christians typically speak of, which is an eternity in hell.  Seriously?  Your god is so fucking binary and anal that it can't think of a kinder, gentler fate for people who don't want to debase themselves by letting Jesus die in their place?  Sick, sick, sick.

This will shock you but you live in a fallen wicked world.


You ask for utopia and mock the one who would give it? Who do you think you are to even question God and His motives? Who are you that demands God to move?

I am what I am, and your god is powerless to stop Me from mocking, questioning, demanding and generally behaving in a reasonable manner to an unreasonable mythological asswipe.

If you could even grasp what it means to be the sovereign God of All, you would declare With Me... I am not worthy of you O Lord. I deserve Hell. I deserve justice. By the Blood of Christ I am made righteous. Not because I deserve to be, But because He loves me

That's disgusting.  If you think you  or anyone else deserves eternal torture, then Christianity has destroyed your common sense and your humanity.  Why would I *ever* want to become like you?
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