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I can assure you that He does indeed love you b/c when you cry and feel bad or unloved, and eventually you get over it and feel better, it is b/c, do you agree,that it is because there is a presence of good in people, so ALL is not so bad!   &)

That's a non sequitur, BB123.  The existence of good in people does not prove the existence of gods.

I am also no longer taking representations from mortals such as yourself, nor from books written by mortals.  As such, your "assurance" is valueless to Me.  Kindly ask your imaginary friend to drop by some evening, in person.  (If it is indeed an omniscient god, it should both know the address and know not to call when I'm at work or out at band practice.)

God loves you so  I can respect AND LOVE YOU, too.

Apparently your god also condemns to hell those individuals who do not accept Jesus as their saviour.  I am a conscientious objector in that regard.  Would you, too, attempt to cast Me (or anyone else) into hell for not believing?  If not, congratulations -- You are now officially more moral than the god you believe in.
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