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I'm sure you guys have more constructive conversation than Charlie is a piece of shi* and Charlie is an idiot, and hail Satan. How about let's be adults here.

I think G-Roll made a very good point, Charlie.  Here it is again, with emphasis:

The problem is (according to you) that god created your mind to convince you that you are a piece of shit. God doesn’t live in my mind so I have no need to hate myself for being a mere human.

Note the difference:  *We* aren't likening you to excrement; that's Christian "Original Sin" theology, taken primarily from the Pauline epistles rather than from the supposed words of Jesus.  It views mankind as fatally flawed and fit only for damnation.  This is a bleak, absolutist dualist view, good god versus evil humans, that deliberately devalues the good works that humans regularly do.  It is one of the most destructive philosophies ever taught on this planet, and has done vastly more harm than good over the centuries.
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