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I do not argue that life without God is completely void of any meaning or purpose. However, when you compare having a purpose that could potentially have eternal meaning with a purpose having non-eternal meaning, the value and meaning of the purpose becomes significant...

BibleStudent, I actually see "eternal meaning" as an impossibility, and this is why:

Back around 1968 or so, when I was going through puberty and suffering from existential angst, I had a vision.  I "saw" the universal timeline, populating it with empires and planets and such.  I even imagined Myself into omniscience for a few seconds, viewing all this as a whole and trying to correlate dying worlds with the Big Picture and asking the biggest "Why?" I've ever asked in all My life.

After a few iterations, growing the timeline ever longer and trying to see beyond where the past and the future vanished into infinity,  I saw that the idea of an ultimate purpose was preposterous -- Because there was always one more moment, and no way to ever touch that ultimate destination.

And after the shock wore off and I grew up a little bit more[1], I started paying more attention to the here-and-now, because "meaning" can only exist where there is someone experiencing it.
 1. Which took another 30 years or so, give or take a bit.
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