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I was personally healed of GERD. My wife was healed of a Life thretning heart condition. Both of these were conditions that should have required surgery to repair. The before condition is documented for both of us. My Wife's after condition is documented by a heart specialist. There was NO treatment of any kind for either condition. Yet praise God, it's gone!

Uh, Mr. Harbinger, sir -- I happen to work in a large hospital.  I type medical reports for various specialists.  I can say with confidence that you are flat-out wrong about there being no treatment for GERD.  I can provide anecdotal evidence of My own successful treatment of same a decade ago, without surgery and with an inexpensive H2 antagonist that is available over-the-counter in just about every pharmacy in town.  I can also come up with literally dozens of peer-reviewed papers outlining treatment best practices for the condition. 

And if you would be so kind to provide Me with the exact medical name of your wife's heart condition, I think we could come up with a few dozen more peer-reviewed papers suggesting treatment strategies for that as well.

Seriously, stay away from the "medical miracle" stories while you're at WWGHA.  I take a special interest in debunking them.
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