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if it's so stupid, why are they afraid to teach it?

I don't see fear, Skeptic; I see "What the **** does this have to do with science?"

If you want to change the situation, here's what you have to do:  Come up with a testable hypothesis that explains what "God" is and how it created the universe.  Not only will you have science; you might even get the Nobel Prize.

Now, if you'll excuse Me, I have some course materials to write up for some of the other ID units:

  • Ancient cosmology of the Indus Valley:  Which came first, the Cosmic Chicken or the Cosmic Egg?
  • Tiamat versus Marduk:  Was the singularity a large Mesopotamian dragon, and the Big Bang a very pointy sword?
  • A Norse is a Norse, of course of course:  AuĂ°humbla the Giant Cow as Prime Moover

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