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I got woo-ed into using this name.  ;)

Back in 1999, I was asked about some sigils I had embroidered on some black velvet robes for a masquerade at a SF/fantasy convention.  The question was "Are those real runes?"

I didn't know, so I started researching runes.  That led Me to Odin and to the rest of the Norse pantheon.

I was also into crystals, er, shiny geologically-created piezoelectric thingamajigs, and for a while was carrying a nice round piece of quartz in My pocket.  One day, while having a coffee break at My IT job, I was holding this rock and meditating.  In My imagination, I heard Odin call Me 'Astreja.'  After a little more digging around I realized that the goddess variously known as Eostre, Ostara, Astarte, et al. was MIA... So I volunteered.

And I *so* wish I was making this up...

(BTW, I still have the black velvet robes that started  this whole thing.  I tend to put them on October 31 and grumble a lot in a sarcastic whisper, pausing occasionally to cough, wheeze or mutter the words of a Fireball spell.)
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