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I think atheists have no place to judge what they believe is non existent...

I disagree.  This world is entangled in many unwholesome ideas which derived from various religions, and whether or not we believe these things, we are most certainly affected by them.

The god of the Bible is one of the very worst of the worst, IMO, and hopelessly inconsistent even as a fictional character.  I believe that this is because the god of the Bible is actually not one character but multiple gods from Canaanite and earlier traditions, and no one attempted to reconcile the contradictions until it was too late.  The problem with making something "holy" is that it becomes set in stone, unassailable, and unchangeable even when it makes no fucking sense.

"God is love" -- Therefore, the torture of non-compliant entities in Hell must be declared to be "justice" to make it sound less barbaric.

Human sacrifice is wrong -- Unless it's Jesus taking the fall, in which case it's a jolly good thing indeed, or unless Biblegod tells you to do it.

Murder, stealing and rape are wrong -- Unless the tribe next door has been declared to be An Abomination In Teh Eyes of Da Lawd, in which case you'd better snap to it, burn their village to the ground, and kill everything except the virgin females.

Durned tootin' we're going to judge crap like that.
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