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I'm sure you have had plenty of negative feedback in the past, so might I just highlight... This isn't negative it's constructive ...

No; it's negative.  Just watch yourself with a critical eye.  (Since your eyes seem to be a bit myopic on the subject of religion, you can borrow Mine for a couple of minutes.)

You think you live for no reason...

False!  You almost certainly do not possess the ability to read minds, and telling other people what they think is rude.  If you disagree, we can test your abilities in a laboratory.  Until that time, STFU about what we think, as you really don't have a clue in that regard.

He has put on my heart to end this email ...

And yet you keep going for a few more paragraphs.  If your god does exist, I suspect it's rather unhappy with you for being such a poor listener.

I know the devil has a hold on your thoughts

False!  You "know" no such thing.    You believe it.  Stop confusing faith for knowledge.

So that's why I want to help you and not mock you ...

You want to help Me?  Heeheeheeheehee!  Cool story, bro (or sis, as the case may be).

Listen up, you superstitious little pissant, and listen very, very well.  I read the Bible for the first time nearly 50 years ago, and it was quite obvious even then that it was just an old storybook.  No Garden of Eden (and, alas, no Talking Snakeā„¢ either).  No worldwide flood.  No Exodus.  No miraculously-born rabbi walking on water, turning water into wine or coming back from the dead.

And if you've ever uttered the Sinner's Prayer (IMO, the real "Mark of the Beast"), I think you should be fucking ashamed of yourself for letting this "Jesus" character die in your place for your own bad behaviour, and even more ashamed of being a follower of a god that would eternally torture anyone for anything unless they say "Yes" to a human sacrifice.

That's right, kid.  You are reverencing a supposed human sacrifice.  You've thrown your humanity and your morality into a pit of fetid  pig excrement, and you're dancing around at the edge, encouraging others to throw their better selves into the same pit.

Just because something is hard to believe .. Doesn't mean it's not real ....

Indeed.  So why are you not worshipping Athena instead of Jesus?  The ancient Greeks named the city of Athens after Her and built the Parthenon in Her honour.

I would like the opportunity to answer some of your questions ... But please be kind to my belief in Christ as I hope I have been kind to you. ..

No, I will not be kind to your beliefs; and no, you have not been kind to us.

I do hope, though, that someday you gain the maturity to turn a critical eye to the barbaric nonsense you've been taught, and enjoy a long, healthy and happy life with both feet planted firmly in reality.
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