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I will be completely honest here, and then sit back and count the down-votes: I do not believe there is a single member of this forum who does not believe, somewhere in a part of their heart and soul, that God exists. Including you.

I won't down-vote you, Miles, but I do believe that you're wrong about this.  My own lifelong experience has been of a complete inability to believe in the reality of any gods... Including the goddess that I play on the Internet.

If there existed a lie-detector version of an MRI Brain scan, I'd be willing to subject Myself to such a test.  I'd expect it to show a lack of brain response to any attempt to sustain belief, like damp matches flaring and dying out immediately.

Now I have a question for you.  Please take your time with this, and don't rush to answer it.  How would it affect you if it turned out that you were wrong about what we believe?
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