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Think about it in 3rd person - I think ultimately (if) there is only one God (which I am convinced that there is), and he made the entire universe, I think that the only option left is for the people who He made to trust Him and in His greater purpose. What say do they have?

So you're happy being a puppet of said god?  What a sad, defeatist attitude.   :(

But your risk/reward is far greater than my risk/reward. No matter what I happens after I die, I win! If I am right, I win. If I am wrong, who cares?

Reality Check, even if this life is all we get, IMNSHO it doesn't matter.  We are star stuff.  We already possess eternal existence, without the need for believing silly things.  I was there at the Big Bang, and so were you.  I even have a cast iron bathtub that was forged in the heart of a supernova.  How cool is that?

And I can't imagine why gods would actually need to inflict pain and suffering to enhance the spirituality of their "children."  (However, I might be tempted to take a Clue-By-Four(TM) to the virtual noggin of anyone who accused Me of such, causing them to see star stuff of an entirely different sort until their head cleared.  ;))

For all you know, RC, you stand condemned before your god for even using Pascal's Wager, reducing faith to a cheap "just-in-case-so-I-can-protect-my-sorry-hide-from-Hell" bet rather than emphasizing more uplifting things.  Thanks, but no thanks.  If your god exists, I think it would at least be smart enough to see through such a transparently cynical ploy as that.  And if it isn't that smart, why the heck would I want to spend forever and a day in the presence of its Divine Stupidity?

However, if one just drops the demonstrably silly idea of a "soul" -- As the average person can't even preserve continuity of consciousness through one good night's sleep, it's even less likely to persist for eternity -- it all comes out in the wash.  Just put aside the idea that "you" need to be there for the duration, stop thinking in terms of "Me me meeee" and accept that you're connected to whatever will be there, and you'll be fine.

I don't see you going down that road, though.  You seem to be strongly committed to the idea that you're going to live forever in some heavenly paradise.  I just can't respect that idea, as it's primitive, unappealing at both an intellectual and emotional level, and thoroughly unrealistic in terms of what we know of the real world.
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