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Yes, hoarders have a spiritual problem.  They are just one example of people with spiritual problems.  Drug abusers are another.

So, SkyWriting, can you explain the actual neurology and neuropsychology of a "spiritual" problem?  What diagnostic tests do you use to eliminate other possibilities such as OCD, depression and/or PTSD in the differential diagnosis?  Which brain centres does a "spiritual" pathology affect, and how do you distinguish such from demyelination, ischemia, hemorrhage or other brain lesion?  How does it respond to pharmacological treatment such as antipsychotics, anxiolytics and SSRIs?  What signs would one expect to see on brain MRI or CT scan?

And most importantly, what peer-reviewed studies can you cite in support of this hypothesis?  I was unable to find Journal of Argumenta Ex Rectum in the medical library at work.
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