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They are then testimonies that are meant to persuade you of the truth of a God who has chosen to work outside the standards you have set.

Well, Wayne, I for one am thoroughly unconvinced.

Here's what I'd do with this stuff if I was you.  Compare it to other people's reports of interventions... What's great about reading others accounts and believing them, because they appear to be written by honest people...

Honesty isn't the issue here, Wayne.  Credibility and gullibility and superstition and confirmation bias and Texas Sharpshooter fallacies and wishful thinking are the issues.  The more accounts like yours that I read, the closer I move to strong atheism.

...you begin to appreciate the mystery of the Heavenly Father, and in so doing cultivate a faith that has a chance of attracting personal demonstrations of your own.  He will require coming to him on his terms however, so be ready to submit to his principles.

Wayne, I have never for one moment of My 55+ years believed in this alleged "Heavenly Father."  I see no benefit in attempting to deliberately lie to Myself to cultivate a faith that doesn't even interest Me.

If your divine buddy wants to get My attention, it must show up in person.  This is My sole condition for dealing with other gods, and it is an absolute and non-negotiable condition.

Life is far too short to spend searching the physical world for "signs" and attributing them to some invisible, intangible entity that speaks in goofy riddles.

"An owl statue in the thrift store window!  Must be Athena."

"Those crossed jet trails look like the rune Gebo.  Allfather Odin must have a message for me."

"The swan in the pond looked at me funny.  That man in the sexy dream last night must've been Zeus."

"It's Midsummer Eve, and the clerk at the convenience store set my sandwich on fire by microwaving it in a foil-lined paper wrapper.  Then I noticed her nametag read 'Brigid.'  The Celtic gods are mad at me for something."

Get the picture, Wayne?
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