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it is our place to feed people if they're starving i don't see many atheist out there handing out food to the poor. i wander why that is.

(At this point, Springy G wanders in with Her Clue-By-Fourâ„¢ and leans it up against the desk.  She glowers at Junebug and shakes Her head.)

Junebug, I find the above-quoted statement of yours to be offensive in the extreme.  Yes, there are atheists who are out there in the trenches, feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.

We're the quiet ones who give to the local Hospitals through payroll deduction, rather than dumping a big fat cheque or a $100 bill into the collection plate at church where everyone can see it.

We're the ones anonymously dropping off carloads of good-quality used goods at local thrift shops, rather than trying to sell some beat-up Praying Hands plaque and some poop-stained baby jumpers at a rummage sale.

We're the ones who bite our tongues and smile when the sweet little old lady next door says "God bless you" after we shoveled and sanded her front walk.

(The Goddess of the Vernal Equinox, punctuation, chocolate and Random Equipment Malfunctions settles back in Her chair and pats the Clue-By-Fourâ„¢.)  Consider yourself duly Told.  Next unsupported ex rectum slander of atheists, and I come in a-swingin'.
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