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Not only is God loving but he is Holy and Just.
So your god *doesn't* torture anyone in Hell for eternity, then?  Because if he does, he's not loving, not holy and not just.

Love and Justice go hand in hand.  Because of the sins of their forefathers, God will punish them for a thousand generations.
I thought you claimed that your god was "just."  Punishing children for the crimes of their parents is injustice.

And ultimately, this loving God has also created an everlasting hell for those that choose not to put their faith in him and go on living sinful lives.
And you worship this... this barbarian?  Thanks for telling me that.  The fact that you would willingly revere such a right bastard as Biblegod tells Me that you are immoral and that I should never, ever trust you with a task of any importance.

God is so holy and perfect that we as humans fall completely short of His standard of holiness.
That reflects more on your god than on humans, you know.  A god that is upset to be in the presence of imperfection is a total weakling.

God is going to judge everyone here on earth to account for the things they did with their lives, their bodies, idle words, actions, motives and deeds.
I doubt that very, very much.  Since life after death is mythical until proven otherwise, I say that no, there will not be any such judgment.

However, the Good News is that since we have Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice, we can all repent of our sinful deeds and put our trust in Him.
And you're okay with accepting a human sacrifice and letting someone else die in your place?  Sucks to be you.

In fact, all of us deserve hell, because to God, sin is that serious.
No one "deserves" hell.  Get real.
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