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I am not saying "there is a bunch of people believes in god, so you should consider", but are you saying those bunch of scientists that believe in god are less educated than you?

I have no problems with a scientist who has a mystical bent, who wonders about what was there before the Big Bang, who ponder things like mind vs. brain or the nature of emotions, or who just stares into the night sky and marvels at the beauty of it all.

I have an insurmountable problem with anyone who claims that one particular god exists because some ancient book said so, and who ignores readily-available empirical evidence rather than facing the possibility that their belief might be wrong.  They are not 'scientists' in any meaningful sense of the word.  I consider them deluded, dishonest and a net detriment to the scientific community, and I don't really *care* if they had a better scientific education than Me because they don't seem to be using that education.
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