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I thought the whole point of these bills was to make abortion absolutely impossible.
But indeed, if anyone still went ahead with an abortion, both parties would be up on charges of premeditated murder.

And you get a godaweful[1] mess when a woman goes to a different state for her abortion.
On her side of the border, she has a person in her womb, she crosses the border and the person ceases to exist. The fetus is still there, it's just not a person anymore.
She has her fully legal abortion and goes back home without a person in her womb ... has a crime been committed?
 1. intended!

Interesting idea. I would guess it wouldn't be a crime as the state where the foetus is a person wouldn't have jurisdiction in the state where it was just a bunch of cells.
Dunno though. there might be a possible extraterritorial application of the states laws. 

You also raise immigration and citizenship issues. Would a foetus have a passport? Who would check it? Would border guards need to be trained gynaecologists?
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