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It also irks the sh!t out of me when people say "it could have been worse, it could have been on Monday with commuter crowds..." blah blah.  I bet no one related to someone who was killed or seriously injured thinks it could have been worse.

They never, ever consider the opposite side of their belief system.  Why would a loving god allow this in the first place?  Seriously, if a church bus crashed and killed everyone except some random 2 year old, they call it a miracle.  Unbelievably disgusting way of thinking if you ask me.  The only explanation I can muster is that many believers simply have no other way to cope with the actual horror of an entire bus load of innocent people being killed in an accident.  Now that I think about it, how can it ever be called an "accident" if YHWH had a role in any of the outcome?

I think this in part at least answers Anfauglir's question here -

Why would anyone follow the Biblical Satan?

The headlines "Yahweh kills again" may drive some people into the arms of the adversary
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