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You will be very sad   :'( and disillusioned, if you think for one moment that God does not love you.
I can assure you that He does indeed love you b/c when you cry and feel bad or unloved, and eventually you get over it and feel better, it is b/c, do you agree,that it is because there is a presence of good in people, so ALL is not so bad!   &)
Even your pet animals will look to you for affection because they trust you and expect  THAT of you,  and they will give you back their love & devotion back to you, because you, by feeding and loving them, are treating them with love and kindness and care,  :angel: which is the dna, given to you from God. God loves you so  I can respect AND LOVE YOU, too.  Why? B/c I know that God Loves Me because the Bible tells me so, and I am so grateful to God for all of the beautiful things in the world. 8) Did that help you feel loved and appreciated?  :-
bodybuilding123  :laugh:

I'm sorry to say it but your pets will eat your face given half a chance


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