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There is no other life than us.  The universe is just for us to see how big God is.

That's funny.  When I say there are no gods, xians like to get all up in my shit and say, "you can't prove that!  You cannot 100% say that is so!"  Yet here you are, aggressively asserting something as fact that you cannot possibly know even within the confines of our own solar system.

Sorry.  I should have said that based on all the material we have gathered, tests we have conducted, and radio emissions we have monitored for 50 years, there are no signs of life anywhere else.  If you insist, I repeat this post daily until new info comes in.

We have been looking for alien life for only 50 years and so far haven't found any evidence for it.
Humanity has been looking for evidence for the existence of god(s) for several thousands of years and still hasn't been able to come up with any evidence for it.
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