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How laughable. I stumbled across this website because I was browsing through the religion section on yahoo answers and someone asked if masturbation was a sin and someone responded that it is a sin and that they should stop, not only because it causes spiritual problems but also health problems and he linked the guy a website called http://www.howtostopmasturbation.com/is-masturbation-healthy-science-says-no.html

This website claims that masturbation causes higher rates of depression, sexual frustration, an increased risk of prostate cancer "less happiness" LOL Among other ridiculous claims. Christians are so deluded that it isn't even funny. No wonder why Christians have so much sexual frustration, they deprive themselves of sex unless it is within marriage, many even go so far as to not even masturbate. I've seen so many younger individuals posting in those religious sections on websites tormented that they are going crazy because of their sexual urges but they are not allowed to act on them because it is a "sin." Christianity should not be allowed in society. It makes people crazy, causes so much intolerance, and it torments youths.
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