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It has wisely been brought to my attention that my comment above about the article posted by summersolstice was harsh for no reason. And my harshness was made worse by the fact that she, a new person here who is most definitely one of us, was the author of said article. There was nothing I disagreed with in her post, I just commented a bit too freely about how I thought it was overly detailed, and I chose to use a word that is seldom welcomed by its recipients.

I was wrong to savage an article that I didn't disagree with in any way. And I was wrong to berate merely because my tolerance for detail is close to zero. I live on a planet with 7 billion others, and I need to learn that my standards don't satisfy everyone else, so I shouldn't expect only my criterion to be met.

I'm sorry, summersolstice. Please accept this apology in the spirit intended.

And Nam, not a peep out of you. If we were all as unapologetic as you, you wouldn't be nearly as special. :D
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