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Okay, rhocam, listen to this. There is a lot of evidence for evolution that doesn't involve fossils. Since we can't seem to have an intelligent conversation about stuff dug out of the ground, lets try something else.

Evidence for evolution comes from a variety of other sources.

First of all, the various (not just evolution) physical sciences have made discoveries that include evidence for evolution. Physics, chemistry, genetics, archaeology, geology, anatomy, the various biologies, medicine, All have found things that point to evolution. And, if you read nothing else in this post, read this: None of those discoveries makes any of the other discoveries impossible to explain. Also, none of those pieces, if taken away from the body of evidence, makes the theory go away. Each adds. And none contradict.

As Dawkins has said, we would know evolution is true even if we'd never found a single fossil. Finding them is a bonus. Every one we've found helps to confirm the other sources of the theory. And expand on those findings.

Other sources? Genetics, DNA sequencing, proteins, molecular variance patterns, endogenous retroviruses. That's from biology. Human anatomy (and other anatomies) have provided us with atavisms (throwbacks) and vestigial structures, among others. Geography has found that continental drift is entirely consistent with the distribution of both extinct and living organisms. Fossils once adjacent drifted apart for millions of years and found on different continents today are obviously more than 6,000 years old or the bible would obviously have a lot of earthquake stories. Endemisms, unique species found in small areas but not very far from similar but different species, separated by water or other geographies. If bird A is found only on island A, bird B, closely related species-wise, is only found on island B, and bird C, again closely related but yet another species, is only found on island C, and those islands are close to each other, that is evidence. That there is no bird D on the other side of the planet that is closely related to the other three is considered telling.

Marsupials are only found in Australia and Indonesia, except for the possum, which is found only in the Americas. However, South America and Australia used to be joined, and similar older marsupial fossils have been found on both continents. The ones that went the way of Australia had the advantage of living in a place where no non-marsupial predators survived. Hence they had a chance to blossom and flourish. The poor marsupials left in South America had to put up with lots of big things with big teeth, and hence they fared worse. Only the possum survived.

The only predators indigenous to Australia? Marsupials. Which evolved after the separation.

Then we have things like antibiotic and pesticide resistance, studied by agricultural types. And best explained by evolutionary forces. Lactose intolerance, studied by medical types and best explained via evolutionary changes. Nylon eating bacteria. Where the heck did they come from? Interspecies fertilization can only occur between species closely related. Donkeys and horses can make mules, but mice and elephants can't make elephants.

This is very consistent with evolution.

The recurrent laryngeal nerve is a darned good way to prove we weren't intelligently designed. It runs from the brain to the pharynx. It helps our brain tell us when to swallow. It's the longest cranial nerve, even though it only has to go a few inches. Because it goes down through the neck, then down to the heart where it goes around the dorsal aorta and then, and only then, does it go back up to the larynx. In humans and most other mammals, no biggie. But it has to do the same thing in giraffes, which ins even though it only needs to go less than a foot, because of the roundabout routing it is over 14 feet long in an adult giraffe.

Why? This same nerve exists in fish, which had no neck. They started it. As other critters evolved away from fish, they didn't bother redirecting the nerve (it's not like any of this is planned) and the routing in mammals is universal. It's almost like we're, you know, all related.

The above is a presentation of some general and some more specific examples of other, non-fossil evidences for evolution.

Please show me where fake science was used in any of those studies. No, make it all of those studies. If I'm going to do your homework for you, the least you can do is take an essay exam.
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